GiulioMy name is Giulio Daprela, I’m Italian, and I’ve been working on the Internet as a side job for many years while I was pursuing a career as a marketing manager in the “offline world”. Then a few years ago I decided to leave my country, move to Thailand with my family, and make the hardest step, go online full time, and fully live the digital life. Why am I saying this is the hardest step to do? Because I decided to leave my “safe” full time job and take my life in my hands. During my online career I’ve had my share of successes and failures but I can say that I would never go back to my life as an employee. And the truth is that I never really failed, I only found new ways of doing things the wrong way 🙂

I like to mix my traditional marketing knowledge to the newest online marketing techniques to make websites that convert, and to help my clients in promoting their activity both in the online and offline world. If used well online tools can help a lot in maximizing the effectiveness of traditional promotion techniques.

You can contact me any time for a free first consultation.

You can send me a message, or contact me through Skype if you are lucky enough to find me online (Thailand time is far from the US)

Skype: gidapre